Expivi - Barbas Bellfires

September 25, 2020

Barbas Bellfires amazes in everything they do. They offer a wide range of fireplaces with lots and lots of extra possibilities. To exceed expectations and make their communication even better, we’ve built a 3D configurator and included Augmented Reality.

This configurator is a perfect tool for clients and dealers to configure the products to their needs with a real time visualization of the options chosen.

For the creation of perfect digitised versions of the fireplaces we received 2D CAD files of all products and options from Barbas Bellfires. Our 3D team translated these 2D files into beautiful 3D models which are the building blocks for the configurator.

After the creation of the models we have build up the configurator including all specific logic related to the products from Barbas Bellfires. This ensures clients are guided in the configuration process and can only choose from the options that are related to the model they are personalizing.

As icing on the cake we have build an dedicated AR App. This app allows clients to configure the fireplace in the same steps as the web version and then has the option to load the configured product in Augmented Reality. Clients are now able to see the created fireplace in their own living room taking away all doubts for the clients!

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April 9, 2021

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